The Company

How Jigsaw Theatre Company was started...

... by a small group of disabled people brought together by a director of 'Bucks Arts Association' in 1987.  

They didn't want Buckinghamshire to miss out on the disability arts happenings in London and elsewhere.  They also wanted us to talk about what arts we wanted to get involved in.  At the start it looked as though there were people working in lots of different art forms. There was a painter, a musician, a singing teacher and a recorder player.  But the minute someone mentioned acting it seemed to strike a chord with lots of us and later we agreed to talk about that some more.

The next meetings talked about the fact that we didn't want to start a drama group or anything that could be seen as a time occupier for disabled people.  What we wanted was nothing less than a Theatre Company that would produce professional quality work.



as defined by the original Start Up Group

  • Led by users.
  • Acting and all artistic opportunities available to disabled people.
  • Equality for all.
  • Artistic endeavour, not therapy. 
  • Respecting individuals.
  • Non judgmental about ability and input.
  • Accentuating the positive.
  • Trying to remove as many barriers as possible to participation.
  • Aspiring to artistic excellence.